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Being part of a writing group is a great way of sharing and discussing your work and giving and getting support from other writers. However, if you don’t have a writing group near you or you would prefer to engage with other writers from the comfort of your own home or office, then why not join an online writing community.

Join an online writing community

An online writing community is somewhere you can go to find people who have the same interest in writing as you. Somewhere you can ask for advice and support, take part in discussions, give people the benefit of your own experience, share ideas and opinions and learn from other writers.

Make friends

Writing can be a very lonely business but by engaging with other writers through an online writing community not only will you feel less isolated but you will also meet and make new friends.

Stay in, hang out

If you are one of those writers who likes to sit in their (hypothetical) garret all day madly scribbling or typing, then being part of an online writing community means that you don’t have to leave your garret to hang out with other like-minded people.

The Beginners guide to writing community

At Beginners guide to writing we have set up a variety of forums where you can become a member of our writing community. Simply register as a user and start engaging with other writers. Our forums include the writing genres we specialise in together with forums on more general topics such as writing style and techniques and self publishing  We also have a forum called Take a break from writing which you can come to if you fancy chatting about anything other than writing. For details about our forum rules and guidelines see Netiquette below.

There are other excellent online writing communities out there but we believe we are one of the few (if not the only writing community) that specialises in assisting people who want to write life stories, memoirs, family histories, nostalgic memories, local history, social history, travel stories, foodoirs/family history recipe books, photo journaling, etc. etc.. So, when you sign up for our forum, you will become part of an exclusive group of like-minded writers who share your passion for these rather specialised genres of creative non-fiction writing.


Netiquette is a combination of ‘net’ in internet and etiquette and is all about what is acceptable in online communication. At Beginners guide to writing we have devised a list of forum rules and guidelines which we hope will keep you on track. We want to ensure that all users are not only courteous when contributing to discussions but that they also show respect for other peoples’ views and opinions.

Online writing community at Beginners guide to writing

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