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You don’t have to write a book to be a writer

It is said that everyone has a book inside them but what if you simply don’t have that elusive book just screaming to get out? However, what if you do have some great bite-sized stories or anecdotes you would love to tell and share but just lack the confidence to get scribbling. So why not get started writing with the help of Beginners guide to writing.

Do you find it hard to get started?

At Beginners guide to writing we realise that getting down to writing can be difficult. Knowing how to start, deciding what to write about, knowing how to organise your ideas and research, knowing how to write an interesting story. – these can all seem insurmountable problems when you start out. This is particularly true if you have no-one to ask or turn to for advice and encouragement.

If you haven’t got the time or inclination to attend a local writing class or join a writing group, or if you are geographically isolated, it can be hard to get started writing and maintain your enthusiasm and so this is where we can help.

What Beginners guide to writing can do for you

Not only do we provide regular blog posts on a wide range of topics and a selection of information products and courses, we also offer tailored, individual support through our writing and editing services (including one-to-one Skype or telephone sessions).

Who is Beginners guide to writing for?

Beginners guide to writing is not aimed at people who need someone to sit down with them and help them write their stories or for people who want to use a set of formulaic questions to build up their story (this is a method used by some life story writing organisations). Beginners guide to writing is for people who want the satisfaction of being the author of their own stories but need some guidance and support to help them succeed.

What will your legacy be?

Do you want to write about your life and experiences or have you been researching your family history and want to share it with others? Do you like reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ or are you the main source of family stories and anecdotes? Are you a local history enthusiast who would like to start creating some articles for publication? Are you a keen traveller who likes visiting new places and telling people all about it? Have you celebrated or experienced a special day or event that you would like to share with family and friends? Are you a scrapbooker who would like to tell the stories behind your pictures and photos? Do you have a collection of old family recipes and some anecdotes about the people who created them? These are just some of the reasons why people like you are inspired to write.

You are not aiming for the best-seller list

Although your stories may not end up being best sellers (in fact they may only ever be read by friends and family) they are just as important. It is these personal stories that in the future will provide a unique and valuable insight into how we ‘ordinary’ folk lived.

So may be you could write a book

OK, so at the moment you don’t think you could possibly write a book but think about it – your bite-sized scribbles could provide the building blocks for a full-length book.

It’s never too soon to start writing

Perhaps you have been thinking about writing for some time but have come up with a whole heap of reasons why it’s not the right time to start. But now is the time to get started writing – so stop making excuses and get scribbling. You won’t regret it.

How to get started writing with Beginners guide to writing

We not only want to help you take your first steps as a writer but we also we want to continue to support and encourage you as you grow and develop as a writer. So, when you have finished reading this blog, take a look at all of the resources we offer to help you get started as a writer and also check out our writing and editing services.


In addition to our online services we are also happy to run workshops and give talks. If you are a member of a group or club and would like to know more, then do get in touch. I have been invited by a number of family history groups to give my talk on How to start writing a family history and it has been very well received. I have even been invited back by some groups to do a follow-up talk.

Become part of the Beginners guide to writing online writing community

One of the main purposes of Beginners guide to writing is to enable writers to get together to share and discuss their work and to give and get support from other writers. So, while you are here, why not not visit our Forums – the place where you can engage and make friends with other writers. To participate in the Forums you must first sign up. You will find the sign-up form on the Forum page. It is completely free of charge so, as an aspiring writer, why not grab the opportunity to become part of an exclusive group of like-minded writers who share your desire to write.

Get started writing with Beginners guide to writing

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