Course: Writing the stories behind your photos


The Writing the stories behind your photos course shows you how you can use just one photo as a trigger to create a story.

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Starting to write can be a bit daunting for new or inexperienced writers and so this is why our course Writing the Stories Behind your Photos is such a great and fun way to take those first steps. In this course we will show you how you can use just one photo as a trigger to create a simple story. It doesn’t matter how short or long your stories are. The main thing is to capture those thoughts, observations and memories which may otherwise be forgotten.

A collection of photos is a great way of looking back and recalling memories but behind each of your photos there are hidden details and information that can easily be overlooked and forgotten.

Photos not only tell the story of an event, a place or people, they are also part of our social history. In this course we therefore want to show you how you can look for the stories behind your photos and start to create your own pieces of history. Because a photo has the power to stimulate your imagination and inspire ideas they act as a great starting point for new and inexperienced writers.

This course includes:

  • 10 lessons packed with hints and tips to get you writing
  • Special assignments at the end of each lesson to enable you to practice what you have learned
  • Downloadable workbook (individual worksheets for each assignment) which you can print, complete and then file away for future reference
  • A special bonus eBook How to start creating stories from your photos and a copy of my picture prompts What’s in the photo and What’s behind the photo
Course: Writing the stories behind your photos


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