Welcome to how to start writing your first storyThank you for choosing the How to Start Writing your First Story course. I do hope you will find it useful and enjoyable.

Even if you aspire to writing a full-length book, the sheer scale of the task can seem daunting and so in this course you will be starting with more manageable short (or bite-sized) stories. This is a great way to get started as a new or inexperienced writer. And, the bite-sized stories you start to write as you follow this course, can be used as the building blocks for a longer piece of writing (or book). 

This course includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1 Decide what you want to write about
  • Lesson 2 Expanding your idea for a story
  • Lesson 3 Identify your audience before you start writing
  • Lesson 4 Creating an outline of your story
  • Lesson 5 How to get started writing your story
  • Lesson 6 How to write a good opening for your story
  • Lesson 7 Grab the attention of your audience with a good title
  • Lesson 8 Editing and revising your story – some tips on how to be your own editor

So let’s get started with Lesson 1