online English grammar resources

If you are an aspiring writer but your English grammar is a bit rusty, take a look at the following selection of online English grammar resources where you will find a range of useful tips and advice.

Online English grammar resources

Edufind covers a wide range of grammar topics from nouns and adjectives to relative clauses. The website also includes an English grammar test which you can use to find out how much you already know.

Quick Grammar Reference from the British Council provides brief explanations of nearly 50 of the more common areas of English grammar. You can also check your understanding by doing the online activities which are included in each area.

If you are struggling with any aspect of English grammar, take a look at Future Perfect for answers to some of the most common spelling, grammar and language questions.

Grammar-Monster includes grammar lessons and tests together with alphabetical lists of grammatical terms, common grammar errors and easily confused words.

The Oxford Dictionaries website includes practical guidance and useful tips on a wide range of grammar issues including advice on some of the trickier points in English grammar. not only covers loads of English grammar rules it also includes a variety of free quizzes where you can check just how good your grammar is. There is also regular blog with has even more advice.

The BBC Skillswise website is really aimed at adults who want to improve their literacy to get back into work, but the different aspects of English grammar covered are excellent. Take a look at the Word grammar and Sentence grammar sections which include videos, quizzes, fact sheets and work sheets.

If you are keen to improve your English grammar skills, check out the SuperSummary website for a range of English grammar resources from helping you to understand what grammar is all about to getting to grips with the basic building blocks of English grammar.

Because Wordtips Grammar Rules is aimed at children, the articles are presented very clearly and simply which makes it an excellent resource if you just want a straightforward explanation of a wide-range of English grammar rules and idiosyncrasies.

British versus American spelling

There are many examples of how British and American spellings are different – click here for a list of the main categories.

There are also many examples of how British English and American English use different terms to describe the same thing. Click here for a list of British English terms and their American English equivalents.

Online English grammar resources for aspiring writers

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