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    Edd Parker

    I am a late-thirties male, near-sighted.

    I recently visited the optometrist for an exam and a new prescription for my glasses.

    I only just found out about the concept of “computer guardian glasses“. By “computer glasses”, I mean those with a customized prescription, tailored to the wearer, for looking at things within the typical distance range of working at a desk. I do not mean glasses that are intended to filter out blue light.

    This concept appeals to me because I am a software developer, work all day at my desk, and have read a lot of small text. However, I am unsure if (or when) I should buy computer glasses. This is because, although I need a new prescription to see things more clearly, I don’t experience headaches or eye strain that I am aware of. Also, I do not have trouble reading things that are very close to me (like books) without my glasses (no presbyopia issues).

    So should I get one pair of glasses with my latest prescription and try to use those glasses for all of my tasks (looking at things far and close)? Should I wait and see if I have trouble with computer work with this single pair, and only then investigate “computer glasses” if I experience headaches/eye strain/unclear vision?

    As a near-sighted person, would use my “regular prescription” (i.e. glasses for seeing far away) be “overkill” for desk work? i.e. would I be using “too much correction” for desk work and would this weaken my eyesight or weaken it more rapidly? Should I be using a “weaker” prescription for close work?

    Any advice would be appreciated

    My prescription is:

    – OD [Sph: -3.00], [Add + 0.75]

    – OS [Sph: -1.75], [Cyl -1.00], [Axe 168] [Add +0.75]

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