How to get started as a writer

How to get started as a writer

One of the hardest things to do as a new writer is to get started and so the purpose of this is course is to help you get over that hurdle. The course is relevant for writers in any genre and can be completed at your own pace and in your own time. However, if you are serious about becoming a writer, it is important to establish and maintain a writing routine and so I recommend you set aside some regular time (ideally every day) to do the course, so as you get into the writing habit.

Augusten Burroughs wrote “The secret to being a writer is that you have to write. It’s not enough to think about writing or to study literature or plan a future life as an author. You really have to lock yourself away, alone, and get to work“.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • set aside some time and space for writing
  • brainstorm ideas and choose a subject for your writing
  • create an outline
  • identify your audience
  • come up with a good attention-grabbing title
  • write an opening that hooks in your readers
  • develop your own writing voice and style
  • write your first draft
  • edit, refine and polish your work

Each lesson concludes with an exercise which gives you the opportunity to revise and practice what you have learned. We recommend you complete each exercise before moving on to the next lesson.


How to get started as a writer

Welcome to How to get started as a writer
Lesson 1 Finding the time and a space to write
Lesson 2 Identify your audience before you start writing
Lesson 3 Brainstorming
Lesson 4 Creating an outline
Lesson 5 Finding your writing voice
Lesson 6 Grab the attention of your audience with a good title
Lesson 7 Start with a hook
Lesson 8 Writing tips
Lesson 9 Your first draft
Lesson 10 Editing your work
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