Company, family business and club histories

Do you run a company that has a significant anniversary coming up? Do you own a family business that has a story to tell? Have you been asked to write the history of your organisation, association or club? We can advise or help you on any aspect of writing, editing and publishing company, family business and club histories or we can research and write a history for you.

A corporate/company history written to celebrate a special anniversary (for example, 25 years, 75 years, centenary) or any other notable event or breakthrough, not only provides a memorable keepsake for employees, clients and shareholders but it is also an excellent way of showcasing the achievements and evolution of a company and demonstrating that not only has it survived but that it has staying power.

Similarly, the story of a family business from its humble beginnings to the present day, would provide something special to share with present and future generations. It would also be a welcome addition to the local history of an area or community.

The history of a club or association with stories of present and past members and an account of activities and events could be used to encourage membership or to engage the interest of a local or wider community.

Collect all of the information

Whatever type of history you write, start by collecting all of the information you can. Sift through old paperwork, correspondence and minutes, old advertisements and marketing campaigns, newspaper/magazine clippings and articles etc.. Pick out the highlights and any significant or notable achievements (for example, major contracts and patents, product launches, important milestones, awards etc.). Find out who or what inspired the focus or purpose of the organisation and whether there were any obstacles to overcome or any challenging problems to face.

Gather personal memories

Interview past and present employees, members, clients, customers. Ask them about their own experiences and whether they have any special memories of events, celebrations, occasions and/or traditions within the organisation. Personal stories and anecdotes from people who have experienced the growth and development of a company, a family business, an association or club will add another dimension and help bring the history to life.

Create a timeline

Once you have gathered all of the information and facts, organise it chronologically on a timeline. Highlight major events, milestones, achievements or anything else that is significant in the history of the organisation and then use the timeline as an outline for your history. You could create a more elaborate timeline by adding colour and photos and pictures and then include it in the final book (or whatever format you choose to present/package it).

Add photos

Pictures of the founders of the organisation or current owners and board members, pictures of employees at work both in the past and the present, pictures of historic documents, artefacts, product launches, special occasions and events and pictures of premises old and new etc. make a history much more interesting and enjoyable to read.

How to present company, family business and club histories

There is no right or wrong way to present company, family business and club histories. From a professionally designed, printed and bound book to a glossy brochure, newsletter, eBook, flipbook, web page or blog post – simply choose the medium that is appropriate for your budget and readership.

Need some advice?

If you need some advice or help on any aspect of writing, editing or production, please contact us to find out how we can help. Alternatively check out what we offer through our Writing and editing services.

Let us write it for you

If you haven’t got the time or experience to write your own company, family business or club history we can research, write and publish it for you. Please get in contact to arrange a time when we can have a chat about your project and timescales.

Company, family business and club histories

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