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I’m currently studying for my Masters in Contemporary Sociology. My research will be on autobiographical materials as I am planning on comparing and contrasting different 20th century autobiographical materials including my own grandmother’s memoir and the letters from two of her past boyfriends. I would like to compare those that fit the usual gender stereotypes of that time to those who wouldn’t.
For this reason, I am looking for anyone who may have any autobiographical materials such as those listed which may fit into my research.
My late Grandmother for example started to write a memoir of her early life in Sunderland, UK discussing her family life, looking after her 13 younger brothers and sisters and then her experiences of starting her first jobs where she had her first romantic experiences. Unlike many women of her time she was very open with her sexuality, her political views and her desire to not be the average woman. I would like to find other people who may show similar views but also other women who wrote about their lives in the 20th century. These could be letters, diary entries or memoirs such as my Grandmothers.
If you are willing to help, you are welcome to choose how you would like the writing to be seen, I could keep it completely anonymous or otherwise you would be cited into my dissertation.
If you would like/ or are able to contribute or advise me in any way you can either comment below or direct message me!
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