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To contribute to our forums you have to be a registered user, so If you have just joined why not introduce yourself and tell us all about yourself and what your aspirations as a writer are. But before you do that, make sure you have read our Forum rules and guidelines. These are important because we want to make sure that our writing community is always helpful, friendly, polite and fun. Through our forums we want to encourage writers like yourself not only to ask for help from others writers but also to share your own experiences. You can simply post a reply to an ongoing discussion or you can start your own. We want to build up a friendly and supportive network of writers and so our simple guidelines on online etiquette should help us to achieve this.


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Family history

Share your ideas and experience with other people who are researching and writing their family history.

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Life stories, autobiographies, memoirs

Share your ideas and stories with other people who are writing about their own lives and experiences.

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Hướng dẫn cách chơi ...



If you love to write about the 'good old days', visit this forum to to find out what your fellow nostalgia writers are up to and to share some of your tips and ideas.

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Food writing

From family recipe books to foodoirs and anything else in between, bookshops and the internet are awash with books about food, baking and cooking. So, why not take a look here to discover what other writers like you are doing to 'jump on the food-writing bandwagon'. If you like food and you like writing you have found the perfect recipe for creating something both mouthwatering and enlightening.

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Local history, social history

This forum is for you if you want to exchange ideas about researching and writing local history and social history.

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How can I get free a...


Travel writing

If you dream of becoming a travel writer either for fun or publication or if you already have some experience of travel writing, get together here with other travel writers to exchange ideas and tips.

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Writing style and techniques

Visit this forum to ask other writers for their tips and ideas and to offer your own help and advice about anything to do with writing style and techniques.

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Self publishing

The place to get and give advice about everything and anything to do with self publishing.

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Take a break from writing

Come here if you fancy a break from writing and just want to have a chat. Feel free to chat about anything other than writing but do avoid controversial topics/subjects - we want this to be a place where you can relax and unwind.

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